About Me

I'm a first-year Ph.D. student in Department of Computer Science at University of Virginia. My advisors are Prof. David Evans and Prof. Yangfeng Ji. My research interests lie in security, natural language processing, and adversarial machine learning. I'm currently working on adversarial natural language processing, finding negative results in state-of-the-art NLP models, and why these models sometimes fail in unexpected ways. I received my B.S. degree in Information Management from Chang Gung University.

yc4dx at virginia dot edu

Research Projects

  • Ensemble Embedding of Information Infusion Model for Threat Intelligence Correlation (2018/09 ~ 2018/12)

    Integrated crowdsourcing information to gain further insight into ongoing cyber attacks by identifing and encoding vulnerability alerts, and correlated them with the associated discussions from Twitter.

  • Security-Enhanced IoT/Wearable Wireless Sensor Network using NTRU Encryption and Blockchain (2017/07 ~ 2018/06)

    Designed new lightweight cryptosystems for IoT devices in eHealth environments

  • Health Monitoring and Management System for Elderly Care Using Facial Recognition & Data Analysis (2017/03 ~ 2017/12)

    Analyzed the elders’ health and mental conditions by tracking the data of their activities and emotions, and provided meaningful graphs and charts for medical staff.


  • Machine Learning Intern (2018/06 ~ 2018/12)
    Cybersecurity Technology Institute, Institute for Information Industry
  • Research Assistant (2017/07 ~ 2018/06)
    Lab of Ubiquitous Security and Applications, Chang Gung University
  • Python Programming Teaching Assistant (2018/03 ~ 2018/06)
    Department of Information Management, Chang Gung University


  • UVA Engineering Dean's Scholar Fellowship (2019-2024)
  • Presidential Awards (2017 Fall, 2017 Spring, 2016 Fall)
    from Dept. of Information Management, Chang Gung University

Other Small Projects


An embedding method for Cyber Threat Intelligence (ongoing project)


SIC/XE Assembler Implementation

A SIC/XE assembler written in Python


Diffie-Hellman Python Implementation

Transferring Electronic Medical Records(EMR) using Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange & AES encryption


IMDB Movie Analysis

Analyzing IMDB movie dataset using R


My Cat

Caution: Cuteness overload.

Cat Boss

This is how my cat supervises my work.


This is how my cat say hi.


This is when he was about 1 year old.

Cat in Box

There is no place like box.

Cat with Bow

This is how I imagine my Christmas present would be like.

Cat on Pillow

He has claimed my bed including pillow as his territory.